Job Readiness for employment success!

Soft Skills in the workplace Soft Skills in the workplace training teaches individuals how to adjust to the work environment, interpersonal skills development, adapting to the employment culture, balancing life and work, handling negative emotions at work. Frank discussions on policies against drug and alcohol abuse are also included.

Time Management This training component examines personal and work habits that lead to poor usage of time. Students are taught proactive planning skills to prevent time issues including managing family crises, problem solving and coping skills. Students form the ability to identify the negative impact of procrastination and learn how to prioritize home and work life.

Positive work strategies and ethics Attitude is everything in this component of training. Participants learn to focus on working well with others, self-esteem, sociability, integrity, honesty, self-management and responsibility. Character building, teamwork, appearance, attitude, productivity, organizational skills, cooperation and respect are also covered in this component of training.

Communications/Interpersonal skills development Participants are taught to pay close attention to both what they say and how to say it. Use of clear and effective communications including good English/grammar in the workplace. Participants learn how to use verbal eloquence to project an image of intelligence and maturity.

Job Readiness Our job readiness component introduces a variety of learning modules and tasks including mock interviews, presentations, videos, and resume posting. Participants will create a functional resume develop high impact cover letters, reference sheet and thank you letters. Create a professional email account and learn successful on-line job search activities is also covered in this component. Participants will also develop successful interviewing skills, marketing and professional presentation.

Human Relations Students are instructed in recognizing how attitude affects human relations. Also covered is cultural diversity, sexual harassment, strategies for job retention and how to overcome personal barriers to success. Constructive vs. destructive attitudes, and developing relationships are covered through group discussions, videos, guest speakers, workbook activities and self-examination.

★★Courses can be taken individually or as a package in all of the above listed competencies as a 3-week (45 hours) Monday through Friday 9AM - 12PM
★★All participants are awarded a certificate upon successful completion of training