Our Mission

The mission of Enrichment Opportunities Institute of Training, Inc. ("EOIT") is to administer customized training programs which includes skill development. This training leads to full employment and enables individuals to work and develop their abilities leading to self-sufficiency and become productive members of society.

The Faculty Our instructing team is comprised of a group of individuals who are committed to sharing their knowledge and expertise with the community. The current faculty brings over 60 years of practical experience and have a common bond with the students. Instructors are accessible to students outside of the classroom setting and serve as advisors and mentors to students as they enter the corporate workforce.

The Students Students enrolling in EOIT's must be able to participate with full commitment due to the intensive nature of the training program. Students are accepted into training who have set a goal for themselves of entering or re-entering the corporate setting as entry-level administrative professionals. "Dress for the job you want" is the motto for dress at EOIT. Students must dress for success which means only business casual attire, and professional attire is acceptable. Students whom do not have business casual clothing will be provided with a referral to receive clothing free of charge.

Team Based Learning Team based learning is the approach that is emphasized among the instructors as well as the students. The instructors collaborate with one another to integrate the contents of each module and to incorporate innovative ideas and approaches to learning. Each class consists of group activities that will challenge students to develop their critical thinking skills as well as a team-centered approach to achieving objectives. Networks and relationships are established for the long term.

Job Placement Customized Training Programs allow EOIT to design instructional courses that are tailored to employers needs and requests. Successful training programs lead to job placement. Job development and placement matches the right job seeker with the right employer. Retention Services are provided for a successful and long-term engagement in the workplace.